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Brian Lynch Owner/Operator

Owner/Operator Brian Lynch poses with
one of the Deerfield Rivers finer specimens.
This one a 27 inch, 7+ pound brown trout.

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Contact Information
(413) 834-7301
email brian@pheasanttailtours.com
Colrain, MA 01340



Hunters! Brian Lynch has hunted the
Western Massachusetts area his
entire life and would be happy to
talk to you about your hunting
trip in this area.


Float Trips     

Full Day A typical full day float trip lasts 8 to 10 hours. Beginning early in the morning with a quick breakfast including coffee, juice, bagels and muffins. Then its off to the river. Once launched we begin our first leg of the fishing journey. A 3 to 4 hour float leading up to lunch which consists of a delicious bagged lunch from a local deli or a gourmet streamside barbeque at no extra coast. (Streamside barbeque takes a little over an hour where a bagged lunch takes as little or long as you desire.) Guests that opt for the Streamside barbeque may feel free to continue fishing, take a swim or just relax and take it all in from the scenic rivers edge. At the conclusion of lunch we will relaunch and continue on down river. Fishing for 3 to 4 more hours on our way to the takeout.
Half Day A typical half day float trip last 4 to 5 hours. Beginning in the morning extending to early afternoon. Or we begin mid-day and we will wrap it up around dark.
  All departure and return times will fluctuate to accomodate season, weather, water level, hatch and your convenience.

The River

The Deerfield River flows from the mountains of Vermont across the Massachusetts/Vermont border. Through tight bubbling rapids into long, deep, shady pools. Then back into rapids again. Ever decending for miles until its inevitable union with the Connecticut River. Various Pheasant Tail Tours cover every inch of this epic trout water.

The Fish

Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout are our focus, and are plentiful throughout the river. We also see some Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Pike and Carp in the lower river. As well as an occasional spawning Shad or Striped Bass in the early summer.

Average trout specimens range in length from 10 to 16 inches. Fish from 16 to 24 inches are not uncommon. and all though rare and seldomly caught, fish measuring from 24 to 30 inches, weighing 5 plus pounds do exist and must eat!

The Boat

Your float down one of New Englands finest trout tail waters will be a delight from the stability of a 14 ft. Aire fishing raft. Topped with a fully loaded Outcast fishing frame, which boasts such features as swivel seats, casting platforms, leaning stanchions in the front and back, as well as a Regal Engineering anchor system that will hold the boats position anywhere in the river. .

What We Provide For You

Boat - 14' whitewater raft with full fishing frame, swivel seats, casting platforms and anchor system.
Rods - Thomas and Thomas
Thomas and Thomas Rods Galvin Fly Reels Percy's Flies
Reels - Galvan Fly Reels
Line - Scientific Anglers
Leader/Tippet - RIO Flourocarbon  
Flies - A wide variety of flies from Percy's Flies as well as some "homegrown" local favorites.
Life jackets  
Breakfast and barbecued lunch on Full Day trips
Breakfast or snacks on Half Day trips
Sunscreen and bug spray  

What You Need to Bring

Current Massachusetts Fishing License Click Here to get one online
Rain Gear (hopefully not necessary)
Polarized sunglasses
Hat with visor
Waders/Boots (depending on season) Please no metal studded wading boots in the boat
Your favorite flies (we have tons!)
If you would prefer your own rod and or reel fee free to bring it!
(9 foot, 5 and 6 weight rods are recommended)
Camera (we have one too)
Any special needs or medications.
We provide snacks, soft drinks, sunscreen and bug spray.

Current Rates

Full Day Float - 8 to 10 hours $400
(Includes Breakfast & your choice of deli bagged lunch or Streamside Barbecue)

Half Day Float - 4 to 5 hours $300
(Includes Snacks and beverages)

Prices include one guide and one boat. A boat holds one or two guests.
All fish caught in the Catch and Release area must be released.
Please let us know if you are going to want to keep any fish.

Questions, comments or to book a trip contact us.


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